Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Truth is not what you see


Could not resist writing down this story and share with all the people who had missed out on the video that had got numerous viewers. I don't know whether I can bring justice to the concept by writing it in my amateur style. I wanted to give you the link to it but I had lost it. Anyways this is how it goes.

The story is about a shopkeeper in KOREA , who every time finds a mentally ill , shabbily dressed beggar sleeping in front of his shop whenever he opened the shutter of the shop in the morning. He got annoyed at the sight everyday and used to shoo him away abusing and sometimes hitting him. The afraid beggar would run across the street and vanish into the busy roads. The shopkeeper would treat him badly when he saw that beggar. It seemed he never had a bath , would smell bad and his skin and hair as dry as anything. His appearance and his existence that too in front of his shop would irritate him every time he saw. Sometimes he would use a bucket of water to drench him and show his annoyance and sometimes he would hit him with broom and sticks to shoo him away accompanied by the vulgar comments. But every time he did that , however bad he did , the next day the beggar would still sleep near his shop entrance. That would irritate the shopkeeper more. The beggar has lost his mental power to think that he was being abused and became habituated to the insult.
One day when the shopkeeper opened the shutter of the shop , he found a repulsive pissing smell near his shop. He saw the beggar sleeping there quite peacefully. He realised that this mad ,uncultured hooligan had done it. He kicked him in the stomach and hit him black and blue. The beggar woke up in a shock and with a mixed reaction, limped and cried  and ran away from there.

The lady in the next shop asked him , " What bad did he do to you ?". The man kept silent and went inside.
The next day when he opened the shutter he was surprised to see that there was no one sleeping. The beggar had gone. He peeped out of his shop to look for him. No one was there.
Everyday had the same outcome. But suddenly he started missing the beggar. He used to search for him but never found him. He knew that may be he won't come back but still he would not stop looking for him.
One such day when he was really missing that beggar he thought he would watch the cctv recordings from the past . Atleast those are the memories because he never thought of clicking a picture of him.
That night he started see the old cctv footages. He found how he used to misbehave with him with his mere fault of only sleeping before his shop gate. He suddenly saw videos of that beggar cleaning the area before going to sleep at night . Those videos also showed how that mad uncultured hooligan shoo-ed away people for making the entrance space dirty. He used to protect the shop all the night . He also saw the video when a stranger started pissing on the shop gate and that beggar threw stones at him and made him run away. He started crying when he realised that he had beaten that innocent fellow who had been protecting his shop for so long. He continued to watch. He saw some burglers trying to break open the shop and the beggar fought as if they had to go over his dead body to do so. One of the 2 burglers stabbed him with knife and ran away. 
The shopkeeper bursted into tears . He cried and screamed out , " I am sorry " ,while the wounded beggar started walking down the lane outside the range the video could show.

LESSON I LEARNT : Truth is not just what we see , truth is beyond that.



  1. Really sad & touching...
    Many of us behave like the shopkeeper. Hope goodness is recognized & gets its due.
    Is this a true story?
    Truth is stranger than fiction.

    1. I don't know that whether its true or not. But the video was so touching I could not resist writing it down. And thanks a lot for sharing it... Its an honour..

  2. My God, this story is indeed very touching. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes it is.... Thanks for ur visit .. :) My pleasure


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