Monday, August 31, 2015

Leave without knocking

Did you ever think of visiting some friend or a stranger's house and just after looking at the house from outside you have felt that maybe ringing up the bell is not necessary. Maybe you are not sure about your dropping by. But did you ever do that??

Did you ever stand outside the door and saw the windows or the curtains and maybe your hand once got a pulse from inside to ring the bell and to let the person know of your arrival but something in you stopped you from doing that. Maybe you felt that the house was not that worth for a perfect welcome or maybe you have felt that the hosts may not appreciate your dropping by.
But what if the people inside are always looking forward to welcome guests ? What if you would have received a thanks for coming. What if the person would have been happy to know that you were here.

Did you ever do that ?? No... Never... But I say " Yes" .. Maybe a lot of times... whenever you visited this page and never left a comment and never let me know that you are a secret admirer or your love visiting my space. I feel the same way as the person in the house would have felt.

Do give your reviews and comments and do let me know that you came. Because your step in my space makes me feel out of the world.


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