Monday, August 31, 2015

Leave without knocking

Did you ever think of visiting some friend or a stranger's house and just after looking at the house from outside you have felt that maybe ringing up the bell is not necessary. Maybe you are not sure about your dropping by. But did you ever do that??


From the morning it had been raining a lot but it stopped after 4pm in the evening. Its good that it stopped as I had planned to go out for some shopping. There was something I was trying to recall but was unable to. Something I knew I was forgetting , something about the date . 28th Aug... I don't know what happened on that date but something is there about this date that kept me thinking over and over. Its a great pain , believe me when you try to recall something and your brain

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The gift of RAKHI

Gifts are so special. It feels great when your loved ones gift you something on the special occasions or any auspicious day. There is so much love involved in these things that we really look forward to such days and even cherish our old memories. We look into those things and relive those moments again and again.
Today is Rakhi Utsav. A day when my sister and I cherish our great bonding and our love for each other gets a special enhancement. Every year we are celebrating it together if not I am out of my country due to my job.

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