Wednesday, June 29, 2011


That awkward heading means Certificate Of Competency. In a layman’s language it is simply a license – a license to sail as a fourth and a third engineer in the ship. You have to get it by giving 10 exams or rather crossing big 10 hurdles. Each one more difficult than making 10 girls love you. Well so it implies that it was too different than getting a four wheeler driving license. It took just one and a half year for me to cross all this shit and finally I applied and got my COC in hand. But the process was long enough and too boring to discuss. The boring stuff got added due to the involvement of the ‘too busy in doing nothing’ kind of the Govt. employees. I cracked all the 6 written in one shot and just like the rabbit slept thinking there is a lot of time till the tortoise comes, I had gained a lot of over confidence which led my life to an important learning. I got my orals like a small child takes his unwanted daily food. One oral got cleared in the first month then another after two months and finally a wash out after another 2 months. That final shock came as an emergency alarm when I found the next date for my rest 2 orals were after four months and I had nothing to do.

However one day you pass and you have to. So I passed one day and that day I believe my enemies had also prayed for me. The day I passed reminded me of the movie ‘THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS’.

It has been around 7 months I have submitted my documents and COC details to my company. But when bad things happen they happen together. Like all the unwanted guests are invited on the same day. The market condition is too bad to imagine. At least I did not pass out this year from my college because the junior engineers are not even getting job and the fourth engineers are told to join as senior 5th. The only thing that itches me is that sometimes your parents think you are the sole responsible guy for the market and you should have born some time before.
Life had played a filthy joke with me. I don’t know why I had suffered so long and what wrong deeds I had. I had a tremendous last 1.5 yrs in which I had lost and lost and struggled like the tiny ant in a glass of water. I don’t know how long this suffering would continue. Sometimes I feel that God had blindfolded himself and can’t see my sufferings.

It had been around 7 months that I am sitting idle in my home and helplessly trying to go aboard ship. First of all the last 3 exams gave me so much trouble which I had never thought of after clearing 7 exams in one shot including all my written papers. After clearing all exams and getting my COC , I have waited a contract period in my home which is unbelievable.


Monday, June 13, 2011

LATITUDE ( 16th jan 2011)

Recently I watched a hell lot of movies. When it starts it starts with a boom I guess. Yesterday I went to Ajanta theatre along with some of my friends. We watched Rituporno’s Aro ekti premer golpo. I have laughed at him previously at several occasions when I watched him in interviews and in the T.V but yesterday I realized that he is a masterpiece, a genius. Love is for all. It really knows no bound but sometimes we pay a price due to the boundaries of age, caste, religion and even sex(in this film).

The title of this note is the question asked by Dipankar Dey in the movie ‘ Abohoman’. ‘What is latitude’, he asked to which his son Jishu gave a geographical answer about imaginary horizontal lines separating the earth into several zones. He corrected the question, ‘in films?’. Jishu had no answer. He told that latitude is the range of distance. Now why I named my note on that is a question that may arise. Well latitude in films that is reel life is somewhat connected to my real life too. Considering the several imaginary lines dividing my heart into various zones, I can say that each location has its own identity. But the special areas deep inside are bordered by dark black bold lines which the heart often recalls. We try and capture a beautiful scenary by adjusting the power of the camera and finally realize that if the angle would have been different and perception changed then may be the captured film would have been better. Even though it is not bad but there are chances it would have been better. But reel is finished and you know you have to pack up. I guess everyone could see their latitude in every one’s heart. The fact would have caused trouble and would have blessed many. Many would hide and run and many would stand with smile.

But I really don’t need that latitude meter. Its just a wild thought that came in my mind. I am good enough to express you my feelings and express myself what you feel. Just help me in directing this wonderful film and leave me no regrets about shooting in a different prospective altogether.

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