Thursday, September 10, 2015

Never Again...

The abandoned boat was inside our college campus beside a deep pond. Pritam and I were best buddies , would go there in the evening after our classes see the other guys swim in the pond nearby before the canteen snacks time. We would sit for an hour or two discussing life . Although I have tried to be impartial in most of the matters , maybe I have made mistakes too.

Sunday, September 6, 2015


I dream about you
But you are so far
I get a blurry view

I want you back in my life
May be I did not give you time I should have
But you went so far away ,
I could hardly realize.

Now when I know its too late
Granny I can only wait
Till I reach there in front of that lovely gate

The place is beautiful so were you
You would surely smile at me
Its my belief when I meet you.

Love you dadu( grandfather). I know this place can be only heaven and you are equally beautiful.

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My Ideal Day

This post is dedicated to BLOG-TEMBER DAY 2 # YOUR IDEAL DAY

My ideal day is always very simple and nothing much to say. As I have already described myself as a lazy person before I would stick to the fact. Here is how my schedule goes if I have nothing to do and no jobs are waiting for me to be done :-

My Style Statement - Being Comfortable

This post is dedicated to BLOG-TEMBER DAY 6 #SHARE YOUR STYLE

I have never been much of a fashionable person. I had wore whatever I was comfortable in. I still now believe in being comfortable. What works out for me is a pair of jeans which I am totally comfortable in and wear most of the times.

Here I Am !!.. This is Me .!!!

Well , this post is dedicated to BLOG-TEMBER DAY 1 # INTRODUCE YOURSELF

I was in a sort of Dilemma whether to participate or not . Reasons being I had to commit for the month and also I have been signing many more challenges which had already tightened my schedule. Anyways I have been open to friendship and knowing people and had waited for this moment to meet and know new people in blogging . So I could not let this opportunity go.

Here's my Intro which I would keep it short .

By profession , I am a marine engineer which I don't like to boast about . In fact it irritates me to think that I am. I have been passionate for something else and wanted to do so many things but ended up here. Maybe because I thought it was right at that moment of career selection. There are many reasons to the decision which I can't justify myself. I have also written about it in another post of mine - Art Of Living.

By passion , I am an aspiring actor/ director. I had done stage shows , been into mimicry , directed plays and even faced the camera acting for small roles. But never could shine the way I had wanted.

By Hobby , I am a writer / blogger / story teller / script writer and I have done that a lot. Even doing it now.

By Public Demand , I have sometimes shown interest in astrology  and palmistry. Although I am not an expert in it but I have managed to read some books about it and learn few things over the net.
p.s: I don't make up stories. I tell what I know. So when somebody asks me if she will pass the exam or not? I say "study for that ".

I also have interests in cooking and I love food. I am not very health conscious. I know what is not good for my body and what I should do like exercise or diet. But I keep those aside when it comes to good food and sleep. I love sleeping only my addiction to computers or mobile is more so sometimes I sleep less in fact much less.

I make new friends and like making them. I have a very short list of best buddies though. I guess that's applicable for many. Nobody can make 100 best friends. Any ways I am a person of commitment. I flirt but that has limitations and I am emotional and soft-hearted. I care about people and am kind at heart. I also like to be punctual and reach in time or do a thing if I have given a word to it. I stick to what I say if the situations stay the same.

But as you know with the positives comes the cons.

Few negatives that I have

#short temper.
Though I don't throw things and hit people but I can be rude and rough at times. It happens with the people I love. I feel I have a right on them because I care for them. If someone can feel the extreme love from me he may also see bits and pieces of my anger.

I am a damn lazy person. I have a n allergy to exercise. Maybe one of the reason for not liking my job where you work like an ass and eat like a bird and fitness is the only mantra.

#Mood Swings
Yeah , I have mood swings and I am moody. I do when I want to do and if the time is gone , maybe I won't feel the same way after.

So that is a small intro about me. There are a lot more pages to that . But you have to befriend me first to know more...

See you and keep visiting.

Teacher's Day special

Although I got a separate blogspace to write about my college life - PARAMETERS ,
where I  have been writing the episodes involving my college friends who came in my life and the changed me completely.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Art of living

Several times I have asked myself , "Do I have anything in me ? Any Art that would amaze everyone  ?"

I used to do paintings when I was a kid ( have many certificates of merit) , learnt cricket for few years ,loved to act.

I used to sing and dance ( most of the times when I was alone ). I have a passion for drama (did a few stage shows). I used to love stories. I still do and also to write a few.

A breakfast to remember

Rivalry in the office had brought in problems of ego and hatred between the two best friends who were childhood buddies and had done everything together since their childhood , same school same college even joined the same company .

They decided to erase all harsh feelings and thereby agreed to make a new start by having a breakfast at their old memorable childhood spot , the rooftop dhaba.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Honoured I am !!

The house would look so old from outside yet it was beautiful. It was one of the most ancient house in the colony. Some say that after the lady died , her husband did not leave that house to move to somewhere else. He loved his wife more than anyone could. Not only he but also their only son. The lady was a painter , a great artist and known for her kindness.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Truth is not what you see


Could not resist writing down this story and share with all the people who had missed out on the video that had got numerous viewers. I don't know whether I can bring justice to the concept by writing it in my amateur style. I wanted to give you the link to it but I had lost it. Anyways this is how it goes.

The story is about a shopkeeper in KOREA ,

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