Thursday, September 3, 2015

Art of living

Several times I have asked myself , "Do I have anything in me ? Any Art that would amaze everyone  ?"

I used to do paintings when I was a kid ( have many certificates of merit) , learnt cricket for few years ,loved to act.

I used to sing and dance ( most of the times when I was alone ). I have a passion for drama (did a few stage shows). I used to love stories. I still do and also to write a few.

I love to mimic , I love to cook . I HOPE I have an art of so many things.

But I chose a profession where there is no space for my ART. Working with the heavy machineries only earn me money but do not give me peace. Yet I follow my brain.

I ask myself again , " "Do I have anything in me ? Any Art that would amaze everyone  ?"

All I hear is -  silence........

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  1. This incredible and thought provoking post says a lot..The answer lies within:)

  2. Silence can be a way to get things moving again. Your talents and potential are eagerly waiting.


  3. Art doesn't need sole attention. If it's there in you, then it makes itself heard past any machinery of life. Take care.

    1. Ya you are right.... But somehow I feel that recognition is important.

  4. when it's there it will come out someday & your hopes will be fulfilled...

  5. You have the right spirit and the will to achieve. Nothing can stop you!. All the best.


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