Sunday, September 6, 2015

Here I Am !!.. This is Me .!!!

Well , this post is dedicated to BLOG-TEMBER DAY 1 # INTRODUCE YOURSELF

I was in a sort of Dilemma whether to participate or not . Reasons being I had to commit for the month and also I have been signing many more challenges which had already tightened my schedule. Anyways I have been open to friendship and knowing people and had waited for this moment to meet and know new people in blogging . So I could not let this opportunity go.

Here's my Intro which I would keep it short .

By profession , I am a marine engineer which I don't like to boast about . In fact it irritates me to think that I am. I have been passionate for something else and wanted to do so many things but ended up here. Maybe because I thought it was right at that moment of career selection. There are many reasons to the decision which I can't justify myself. I have also written about it in another post of mine - Art Of Living.

By passion , I am an aspiring actor/ director. I had done stage shows , been into mimicry , directed plays and even faced the camera acting for small roles. But never could shine the way I had wanted.

By Hobby , I am a writer / blogger / story teller / script writer and I have done that a lot. Even doing it now.

By Public Demand , I have sometimes shown interest in astrology  and palmistry. Although I am not an expert in it but I have managed to read some books about it and learn few things over the net.
p.s: I don't make up stories. I tell what I know. So when somebody asks me if she will pass the exam or not? I say "study for that ".

I also have interests in cooking and I love food. I am not very health conscious. I know what is not good for my body and what I should do like exercise or diet. But I keep those aside when it comes to good food and sleep. I love sleeping only my addiction to computers or mobile is more so sometimes I sleep less in fact much less.

I make new friends and like making them. I have a very short list of best buddies though. I guess that's applicable for many. Nobody can make 100 best friends. Any ways I am a person of commitment. I flirt but that has limitations and I am emotional and soft-hearted. I care about people and am kind at heart. I also like to be punctual and reach in time or do a thing if I have given a word to it. I stick to what I say if the situations stay the same.

But as you know with the positives comes the cons.

Few negatives that I have

#short temper.
Though I don't throw things and hit people but I can be rude and rough at times. It happens with the people I love. I feel I have a right on them because I care for them. If someone can feel the extreme love from me he may also see bits and pieces of my anger.

I am a damn lazy person. I have a n allergy to exercise. Maybe one of the reason for not liking my job where you work like an ass and eat like a bird and fitness is the only mantra.

#Mood Swings
Yeah , I have mood swings and I am moody. I do when I want to do and if the time is gone , maybe I won't feel the same way after.

So that is a small intro about me. There are a lot more pages to that . But you have to befriend me first to know more...

See you and keep visiting.

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