Wednesday, August 20, 2014


The basic instinct of need comes from what we see around. May be it is the common psychology of human brain. Sometimes we don't get attracted to things or people or don't feel the urge to achieve them until we see someone enjoying them.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

5 Movies Watched in 2013

GOOD ----> Indranil's Acting . Egypt Location shoot
BAD -------> Poor script , expectations failed.

  • MUKTI    -   0 / 5
Nothing was good about the movie. Got inside by mistake. Actually thought of watching " Lunch Box" which was highly rated but the showtime changed and in a hurry got the wrong tickets. The biggest mistake of 2013.

ENTERTAINMENT - 3 out of 5

Starcast : Akshay Kumar , Mithun Chakravorty , Johny Lever , Krushna Abhishek

The movie is a complete entertainment with full on comedy as well as emotional scenes and attachment with a pet dog. It has the pun and comedy and punchlines which makes it interesting. It does not have a serious message as such ( although it ends with a note that one should be polite to the pets ). If someone is prepared to face comedy without searching logics it can be more than just watchable. Mithun's character is a mean minded money loving father who can get her daughter married to a dog even for money ( in the light of comedy )and the script is oriented about faithfulness of a dog but it does not get boring at any point.'' for the movie ''Entertainment'' is now live. Johny Lever's " Habibulla" and the filmy names and lines from Krushna Abhishek is quite entertaining. Akshay surely doesn't need a DNA ( Daddy's Najayaz Aulad ) test to have a healthy collection.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Astrology--- Believe it or not

Since childhood , I had curiosity about this subject. I would come to multiple diversified conclusions whether to believe in it or not. Once read in a book and believed that how a ring or stone can change the future of a person and how can the lives of twin born maybe seconds after vary so much. What factors do they depend on? And are they actually money making business of some fraud people or institution making people believe in the nuisance and actually making them weak or diverting them from working hard.

I was fond of several subjects on knowing people be it Psychology or Astrology. I have tried to know different characters and personalities by trying out various methods. I just could not resist to actually read about astrology from different sources.

There is a scientific reasoning of everything that happens around us. Many  don’t believe in anything until and unless they find a scientific explanation to this.  But after studying about the subject and gathering a very little amount of knowledge that is almost negligible to the vast calculations I can only say that may be the gravitational forces of the moving planets activate or affect certain cores of our brain which is supposed to be

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