Wednesday, August 20, 2014


The basic instinct of need comes from what we see around. May be it is the common psychology of human brain. Sometimes we don't get attracted to things or people or don't feel the urge to achieve them until we see someone enjoying them. I don't deny that it has never happened with me. I have craved for a lot of things when I found my fellow mates having them. I had been in a complex situation always.
I realised with time that money plays a big factor and I scolded myself and controlled my temptations as what other have or get easily is not that easy and smooth in my case. With age I learnt the importance and necessity of money. but my roots are intact still. My basic way of thinking did not change in years. Even today I don't feel ( or if I feel I control) the urge to obtain what others have. I believe in acquiring in my own way and own need. I have only targeted or craved for things that I felt I should .

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  1. That's being grounded, Abhishek. Nicely shared.
    Life has many temptations. We must learn to decide what is important & what we really need rather than what we want, just coz someone else has it!

  2. Ya true Anita...... I am glad that you liked it... and thanks for adding me in google :)


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