Friday, August 15, 2014

Astrology--- Believe it or not

Since childhood , I had curiosity about this subject. I would come to multiple diversified conclusions whether to believe in it or not. Once read in a book and believed that how a ring or stone can change the future of a person and how can the lives of twin born maybe seconds after vary so much. What factors do they depend on? And are they actually money making business of some fraud people or institution making people believe in the nuisance and actually making them weak or diverting them from working hard.

I was fond of several subjects on knowing people be it Psychology or Astrology. I have tried to know different characters and personalities by trying out various methods. I just could not resist to actually read about astrology from different sources.

There is a scientific reasoning of everything that happens around us. Many  don’t believe in anything until and unless they find a scientific explanation to this.  But after studying about the subject and gathering a very little amount of knowledge that is almost negligible to the vast calculations I can only say that may be the gravitational forces of the moving planets activate or affect certain cores of our brain which is supposed to be the most complex machine ( according to scientists ) . It is believed that brains have different sectors like for emotions , criminal psychology , greed , mental strength. It is the CPU of our body. So maybe this different sectors have certain chemicals or elements which are activated differently by the varying gravitational forces of different planets. May be the stones have certain elements that transmits coloured light or something that affects our brain cells and acts as a remedy.  There are a lot of  “ may be “ s but why do I care so much to find explanations ??

The answer is simple. When I read out charts and tell or judge a person or even my own birth chart, I find so many matching datas. How is it possible that I am describing the character or likings/ disliking of a person without knowing that person by simply going through the birth chart. There must be at least a percentage of existence to a thing people are believing . The only sad part of the story is there are a lot of fraud people who takes the advantage of the belief and screw them up for money. It has become a money making business. But believe me astrology is a sacred study and can save a lot of people or be a guide to many. The only thing needed is to have a proper light to the subject and as soon as possible scientific explanations by the Scientists to approve the  calculations of the study.


  1. I don't believe in gems and rings yet every morning I read my horrorscope in the newspaper before I start for office only to forget it.

    I dont know why I read it since I dont follow it yet I read it!

  2. Ya.... I too used to do the same... but it was never because I wanted to follow that but only to check at the end of the day whether it matched at all...:P :) ...

  3. Nicely shared, Abhishek.
    Even I am enchanted by the subject. How it can predict so accurately!
    Truly wonderful :)

    1. Ya ... Anita.....hope the answers are available soon :)

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