Saturday, August 16, 2014

ENTERTAINMENT - 3 out of 5

Starcast : Akshay Kumar , Mithun Chakravorty , Johny Lever , Krushna Abhishek

The movie is a complete entertainment with full on comedy as well as emotional scenes and attachment with a pet dog. It has the pun and comedy and punchlines which makes it interesting. It does not have a serious message as such ( although it ends with a note that one should be polite to the pets ). If someone is prepared to face comedy without searching logics it can be more than just watchable. Mithun's character is a mean minded money loving father who can get her daughter married to a dog even for money ( in the light of comedy )and the script is oriented about faithfulness of a dog but it does not get boring at any point.'' for the movie ''Entertainment'' is now live. Johny Lever's " Habibulla" and the filmy names and lines from Krushna Abhishek is quite entertaining. Akshay surely doesn't need a DNA ( Daddy's Najayaz Aulad ) test to have a healthy collection.


  1. Got the story-idea from the trailor.
    Yet to watch it! But, I know there is no logic, only entertainment :)

    1. Ya I guessed that too from the trailers... so had no logical expectations.... and it was fun..


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