Sunday, September 6, 2015

My Style Statement - Being Comfortable

This post is dedicated to BLOG-TEMBER DAY 6 #SHARE YOUR STYLE

I have never been much of a fashionable person. I had wore whatever I was comfortable in. I still now believe in being comfortable. What works out for me is a pair of jeans which I am totally comfortable in and wear most of the times.

I like T-shirts more but I know that I look cooler in Shirts. I look good in bright and light coloured Tshirts although I love Black and Black is my favourite colour among the dresses. If someone is wearing black it attracts me first than any other colour does. Although my mom is not very happy about it as she loves yellow and wants me to wear yellow. I do wear that and I look good too but still I am kind of in love with Black

In India , during the festivals ( we call the Puja) we have our traditional dresses like the Punjabi Kurtas. I love wearing them but only on that special day when I find many other guys. Lately I had also wore the Punjabi fusioned with the jeans which had become a trend nowadays.

I am not much into fashion and don't have a real sense of that too. I wear what I feel like so I can't write any more on that. You can well understand how weak I am in this field. I believe conversations can ignite a spark but fashion is just a cover to hide the inner-self. I am more interested to know the inner-self.

P.S : I had started late for this challenge. Although I would try to post as the links are open. But my posts may not be in order. Excuse me for that .. Have a great day.


  1. Can never go wrong with comfortable jeans and a nice t-shirt---maybe a button-up for dressier occasions

    1. Thanks for your visit dear... Ya you are right about that .

  2. Yesss I try to stick with what is comfy like yoga pants :)

    1. Ya... I try to keep myself comfortable too... keep visiting :)


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