Sunday, September 6, 2015

My Ideal Day

This post is dedicated to BLOG-TEMBER DAY 2 # YOUR IDEAL DAY

My ideal day is always very simple and nothing much to say. As I have already described myself as a lazy person before I would stick to the fact. Here is how my schedule goes if I have nothing to do and no jobs are waiting for me to be done :-

I wake up late. That is how I like it. Sometimes 10 am also seems to be early for me. This also has a reason because I go to sleep late. I play games on my mobile or laptop or watch a movie. Sometimes I may even chat to someone I find interesting. The fact is I don't like to sleep early because the silence of the night gives me my own space and thats the ideal time for me to do whatever I like.

After that sometimes I would skip breakfast. If not , then would have a sandwitch accompanied with tea (it is must). Tea gives me back the restored power in me.

I would spend the day Blogging or writing some story . I may also waste my time playing games on the computer and mobile. ( See I told you my ideal day is actually very boring. It is interesting when I have something to do )

I am normally a Planner to any event or tour but someone has to initiate it. I don't feel the urge to initiate. Once the plan is on the list I would make all the arrangements to make it successful and enjoyable.

So if there are any tour plans I get in.

I eat and love to cook so if there is any new experiment to be done with cooking I am in. I only have to be less obsessed with the blogging and gaming thing at that time.

In the evening if I am not going somewhere I would again dedicate my time to gaming and blogging. If the hangout plan is with friends then beer is on the table for sure and it would be a mad mad night.

If the outing is for shopping then I would be looking forward to finish it quickly and head back home.

In the night I would again try to sleep late after dinner . And that's the silence which I enjoy the most - the ideal time I dedicate to myself.

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