Saturday, August 29, 2015

The gift of RAKHI

Gifts are so special. It feels great when your loved ones gift you something on the special occasions or any auspicious day. There is so much love involved in these things that we really look forward to such days and even cherish our old memories. We look into those things and relive those moments again and again.
Today is Rakhi Utsav. A day when my sister and I cherish our great bonding and our love for each other gets a special enhancement. Every year we are celebrating it together if not I am out of my country due to my job.
After my marriage I had shifted to a new apartment with my wife so I have to stay away from my sis. But we don't leave any opportunity to be together and spend quality time. Rakhi has been so special for us. So we had planned it together in my apartment. My wife had planned to cook Polau and Chicken kadai which were her favourite dishes. I had bought a pair of earrings for her. It was a sort of jhumka. I knew she would love it.
She was excited this morning to come to my house and finally she came and was full of joy. We were having a great time together. The Kadai Chicken was smelling great although the dishes were still in progress. I went for the bath and got ready for the rituals. My sister finally tied the Rakhi around my wrist and my wife took pictures and videos of it. It was a lovely decorated flower with pink ribbons and a green lace. Finally she showed me the gift which she was very excited with. She had bought a short trouser for me. She knew what I had been planning to buy. All my old ones were torn or little too old. I was really happy to see that. I went to the other room to change but got little disappointed when I realised it was of little smaller size. I could wear it but was not too comfortable in it. My sis also got disappointed but I assured her that it was not that uneasy and the colour was great and overall I had liked it a lot. I told her not to worry about it and moved towards the almirah to take out her earrings. I gave that small envelope that had those earrings in them. She took out one of them and got very happy after seeing it. She was excited as she wore that in her ears. But as soon as she took out the other one we realised the joint of the Jhumka had broken. Maybe it was in the bag and got a bit more pressure on it. I was terribly disappointed to see that. My sis told me that there are shops where it can be repaired. She assured me that my choice was great and it was not my fault. She had enjoyed the whole day with us and so did we. We had enjoyed a great lunch together and courtesy goes to my loving wife.
I had read THE GIFT OF MAGI in my school days. But never thought that a similar thing could happen to me. The gifts may not have been perfect but the intentions were.
What I want to say is that..... Gifts can only add memories , it can never calculate the love you got for the other one.


  1. Hope the Jhumka gets re[paired soon & your sis gets to wear it.
    Also, you could change the shorts for the bigger size if your sis still has the bill.
    Most of the shops allow exchange.
    Glad you enjoyed Raksha Bandhan :)

    1. Thanks for ur visit Anita.... Ya hope that happens soon... :)


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