Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The magic mirror - Part IV (LAST PART)

Meera had already divided the world into two zones. Her mom was on one side and the whole world on the other. She reached home and went straight into her room. Her mom had smelt something wrong at the silent entry of her. She went inside her room and asked her," Whats wrong beta? Did you have a bad day? Did your teachers say something to you?" Meera's mom had sat beside her in the bed. Meera crawled a little bit to reach her mother's knee and grabbed her tightly and said,"You are the only one who cares for me."
"Did you fight or quarrel with Yashu?"
"Don't say her name mom. She is a lier. I hate her"
"But what did she do? What lie did she tell?"
"She lied that she can't copy notes for me because she was busy. She lied that she won't come tomorrow because of studies. She doesn't want to help me. She could have told me instead of lying."
"But how do you know that she was lying. It may be that she was telling the truth.'
"I know. I can read faces. Mom I only believe you. I feel sorry for you. Dad too lies. You know that right? Do you really feel he is late every night because of meetings? Do you really feel that he will go to Bangalore for work?"
"Are you out of your mind? Why are you saying so? Of course he will be going for work. Who told you that he is lying?"

Meera remained silent for a while. She could not tell about the mirror and she did not have a proof of her saying. She was in a helpless state. "I need little rest mom. I don't want to go to tuition today. Please let me sleep."
"Okay. But tell me what's wrong. I feel you are not sharing something with me."
"No mom, its okay. I need rest."
Her mom leaved her alone and went outside. But she had too many doubts because of her daughter's not so ordinary behaviour. Meera had never acquired courage to face her father and today she was telling him a lier. She must have heard something or seen something. Meera won't just state something based on imagination. Her mom began thinking but could find no answers. She decided to ask her dad directly.

Her dad had come from the office at 10:30 pm. Meera had her dinner but was awake. After getting fresh and before serving her mom asked her," Are you going to Bangalore for office work?"
Surprised at the instantly asked question he raised his eyebrows and said,"Yes why?"
"Are you sure you are not doing anything wrong or are you hiding something?"
His father was really surprised this time but kept silent for a while and then added,"Why are you asking all this questions? Do you doubt me?"
"I don't have the intelligence to doubt you. I never demanded anything from you, nor I will. But your daughter does think you are a lier. She is growing up and maybe she is intelligent enough to catch lies."

He just stood up from the chair and went to Meera's room. But Meera was not there. Meera came out from the veranda. Seeing her , he asked,"What am I hearing Meera?"
"What's this dad?",Meera quite confidently handed him his mobile. She had opened the 'sent messages'.
"Why did you touch my mobile? When did you get it?"
"I took it when you went to the bathroom. Now you say that are you really going for work?"

Meera had never talked to her father like that. Today she was not at all afraid of him. She had no respect for him. She did not care what he thought. Her father turned silent and sat on the sofa next to the door. Meera's mom was curious about the sms. She took the mobile from his hand and read that message.
It said,"We would reach Bangalore on 16th. The flight will reach at 7pm. Everything will be fine and don't worry about Sailesh. I have taken off from my work for those days."
The message was sent to "Shrutiji" as the name in the mobile indicated. Her mom's gesture was that of demanding an explanation for the lie. The lie had been caught. They were eagerly waiting for his reply. He had covered his face with his palm for so long. Finally the silence broke. He rubbed his face and said the words which came with an echoic effect to the ears. He said," Sailesh and Shruti are Yashoda's parents. I am going to Bangalore with them. Yashoda has cancer. Her treatment was going on from one month and she had been undertaking chemotherapy since then. But these are costly and Sailesh can't afford all this alone. I am helping him financially. She needs a blood replacement too. Her blood group is rare but fortunately matches with mine. They have some relatives too in Bangalore who want to do the treatment from there. So they would get an extra financial help. Yashoda did not want to tell Meera about this and requested me over the phone to keep it a secret as Meera would be sad after knowing that. I did not want you to know also because you will get hurt."

The room had pin drop silence. Meera ran to her room. She cried holding the green mirror and said," You are not a judge. You are only a device. You don't know the truth. The truth is lies are not always lies. I don't need you. I will leave you from where you came." Meera dialled Yashoda's number just to say her that she loves her a lot.


  1. good one, Abhishek! This is advanced like the SnowWhite Fairy-tale story where the step-mother has a mirror that always speaks the truth!
    You have brought in mystery and illness too. Nicely blended.
    My daughter has also written a story with the same title! But, it's a different story! :)
    Keep writing!

  2. Thnx for ur read Anita...:) hope your daughter likes this too.... :)


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