Friday, July 22, 2011

Euthanasia for pets

Do you believe in the term "euthanasia"? For those who don't know the meaning, lemme just tell you that its a term for mercy killing. Recently in a bollywood movie "GUZAARISH" the lead character played by Hrithik Roshan was suffering  miserable paralysed life and demanded euthanasia. There is a debate whether it is at all needed or its unnecessary. I don't want to go in the argument but I feel that the person who suffers knows the best and the choice should be in his hands.

But for the pets they don't know our language and we don't know theirs. But I have seen or heard a lot of them dying gradually after suffering for so many days. They become like family members and the only difference is that they are of different species but the pain is same. I sometimes feel that if they could speak they would have asked for euthanasia.

Now again several questions arises - whether it is logical , is legal etc etc. Its hard for the master to kill his pet who has become like his son. But me in the place of the master could and would have. I believe I am an emotional person but when it comes to pain and suffering of a life, I feel that ending it in one go is far better than gradually letting its condition decay. I may be don't have the right to give or take a life but I have the right to free someone from the suffering and pain to which there is no cure.


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