Monday, July 25, 2011

The magic mirror - Part III

Meera had got a great gift from God. She will be able to catch any lie told to her. She was so happy today. A lot of planning and ideas came across her mind. She would carry it everywhere and thus she would be able to justify all the people around her.
"The only thing that I have to keep in mind is that I can never disclose this to anyone." She had hardly studied that evening. Somehow she did a part of her maths exercise and started floating in the sea of imagination. She couldn't wait till anything exciting to happen. Meanwhile she had also told the mirror some truths and some lies to see and enjoy the colour change.

Her dad had come from the office late as usual and she was still awake due to the excitement of her new powerful mirror. She was lying on the bed with the room lights off and the mirror was on the study table. She could see right from her bed. She could hear the sound of the food plates clattering. She knew her mom was serving rotis and bhindi sabji to her father that she had an hour ago. Her father did not like to talk much while eating. Her mom was asking something in a low tone when he had finished dinner which she could not hear. But she could hear the reply from her dad,"Yes there was a meeting. So I got late. Next week I have to go to Bangalore for 5 days for office work."
The mirror inside her room changed the colour from green to red and she could understand that it was a lie. Several queries aroused. "What was the reason for that lie? then does that means he lies often. But my mom never says anything to him or does not even question him much. Then why will he lie?"

She was never close to her father. She feared him but had lot of respect for him. She did understand that he was not so close to her mom too but somehow she felt that he would be honest. She went a little more far today. A bit of hatred had dissolved in the distance.Those questions kept her busy for two hours more and finally she slept. She dreamt of many things and many events that she did not remember the next morning. However she remembered that she was the ultimate judge and the one and only law. She was the decider of justice for the whole universe. She was " THE LADY OF JUSTICE"

Next morning she was ready for the school. Her mom was super surprised to see her daughter so serious about school. She did almost everything herself. She had packed her bag and first of all took the mirror in the front bag. She decided to tell the other friends the same story that she told mom. But instead of Yashoda she will tell them that her dad had gifted it to her. No one will ask further questions then. She went to school and and entered her class to find all the other classmates busy playing and chatting and making noises. This continues till the teacher enters the class. She was eagerly waiting for Yashoda to come whom she had missed a lot this two days but unfortunately she can't share the full secret of the mirror. However she was eager to show her the gift. Yashoda had come and sat beside her with a graceful smile. She had missed Meera too. In the first four periods she did not have the time to show or tell her anything as the teachers came one by one and continued teaching for the full periods. However she had kept an eye on the front chamber of her bag from where a shade of the border could be seen. Yashoda felt a little awkward as she could find something suspicious. She could feel that Meera was looking at her bag quite often. But she too did not have the chance to ask her. In the tiffin break the wait was over. Meera told her about the roadside mirror and how she had lied to her mother about Yashoda and also said that it changed colour. But the reason was unknown to her. 'May be some chemical is present inide the borders but we can't ask or tell anyone about it. My mother knows that you have gifted it and the rest should know that my dad gifted it. We have to say this to avoid further queries." Yashoda did understand what she meant and promised to keep mum. Meera however did not want her to see a lot of the mirror lest she would find the secret. So she kept in the front side of the bag again and only a part of it peeped outside. She was enjoying testing people by questioning them like " Tanya do you have an extra pencil? Mine just dropped somewhere" to which the Tanya replied," No I'm sorry. I dont have." The colour changed to red and she found out that she was selfish. Meera said that," You better say you won't give. Don't lie". Her confident remark made Tanya silent. Each time before testing she would say ' I love my mom' to activate the green colour. The whole day was fun. She knew the people who only came in time of need but never ever tried to help if they could. Meera  requests Yashoda sometimes to do her homework or copy some notes for her to which she never hesitated. Last week too she had given her some work. Yashoda never said "no" to anything.

Yashoda before bidding her good bye said to her," Hey Meera, I won't come tomorrow. And I could not copy the notes you gave me. I became busy this weekend"
'Thats okay but Yesterday you were absent and again tomorrow...  you know how the day passes without you."
"Yah, I know but I can't come tomorrow. I have to study. The exams are near also" she had gone saying this words.
Meera felt something fishy and looked at the front side of her bag to find the borders changing to red. She got a setback today. The issue was not so big but she never expected this from Yashoda. She could have told Meera if she did not like to copy notes for her. She only asked this favour because she thought they were best friends.

Meera realised that her dreams and thoughts were turning wrong. Instead of catching lies and being the judge she was becoming the most lonely person. Her beliefs were also changing like the colour of the mirror. She realised it was not cute but a dangerous gift. It was more than a judging gadget. It was a distance maker. But somehow she had realised the true colour of people. Its better to live without them than to be with liers. Believing someone is the most foolish act. She wont believe anyone from now.

                                                                                           to be continued....


  1. Great one.... I am Speechless...

  2. Great one.... I am Speechless...

  3. thnx pooja.. the final part will be published soon...


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