Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kiran Rao - the BRILLIANT

Lately I watched 2 movies directed by her. Both were at their bests. One was "Dhobi Ghaat" and the other " Delhi Belly".
The common USP of the movies were that both were a 95 min movie with no interval, and if you watch the films you will definitely not find the necessity of that.

Dhobi ghaat on one hand was quite a serious movie with hardly loud dialogues. All it had as a weapon was the feelings and the reactions. It gave the movie a soft touch like that of an artist to his nearly finished painting. It showed how without even saying something feelings can be told. It had so many shades of a character that the canvas turns into a 3D. Dhobi Ghaat is one place in Mumbai where all the people of different cultures and society become naked and the actual truth is clearly visible. Its the main connection point from where the stories begin and where it ends. The Dhobi is one character who visits the house of all the characters living different lives and therefore brings in a connection to the different events happening in the fast city. All this is untold in the movie and it has to be felt only.

REACTION OF AUDIENCE : It was shooted for a targeted audience because people really don't have the patience to view an almost silent movie with less music , no songs , no action but only some clippings from where you have to figure out a whole thing using brains. It required a lot of patience and concentration and understanding which normal audience lacks.

Delhi Belly was a full on comedy movie. The people who had watched her first movie would have never expected this from her. This was a complete different aspect where language knew no bar. Its filled with slangs and showed the almost real picture of the youth.

REACTION OF AUDIENCE : It declared caution for the viewing of the children and for those who are not very comfortable with the slangs. It had drawn a huge audience specially the youth. There had been many comedy movies in the past but surely comedy at its best and the real picture of today's youth had never been so boldly displayed.

Kiran Rao had proved herself in both her movies. She had shown what she is capable of and she is at her best in almost every genre of a movie. Atleast I am eagerly waiting for her next movie which I am sure will be of a different taste and perfection. So can we call her rightly Mrs PERFECTIONIST?
I guess we can.

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