Friday, July 22, 2011

Starting when its gonna END

Life had always showed me a way and finally sometimes I have realised that I can't follow and go through. Many a times I have felt that when there is an end life showed me a new light and whenever there is a new way there is a big rock blocking the entry. I am a person interested in many things , have loads of interests and passions. I feel like pursuing them and I have done that a lot but I am not really sure about my timing.

Another major problem with me is I can't continue a thing for long. I am too moody and my interests keep on changing. Its not that they end forever but it goes in a coma. They will come back but when that is unknown. I have started blogging long back but it had been a discontinuous process for me. I have made friends with similar interests and in the long run they have disappeared or rather I have.

I am trying to make a comeback again but this time the timing is wrong again. I would be joining a ship in a few days and may be this practice will again get discontinued and when I return after several months I don't know whether I would blog again or if I do then when I would do that is unknown to me.

I am the kind of river which doesn't know which way it would flow after a few hours. It flows with a definite speed but direction is uncertain. This is me and it will be like this I suppose. Kindly excuse this negative part of my character. Being an author of a little blog I feel its injustice to all my readers but I apologise sincerely from my heart...

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