Sunday, July 24, 2011

The magic mirror - Part II

Meera reached home and unlike other days she kept her bag slowly on the floor and called out her mom , " See what I have brought mom. Yashoda gave me this mirror as a present. Just see ." Her mom came out of the kitchen to have a look and enquired ," what for?". Meera added an extra smile and said," My birthday is coming. So she gifted me in advance."
The red bordered mirror was in her hand and she was too busy to look at her mom's face. She also knew looking at her mom would only cause her trouble because her mom knows her the best and maybe she will catch her by looking at her eyes. So she preferred looking at the new gift. She was also hungry and asked her mom what she was cooking. "Pasta." was the short reply to which Meera's mouth watered. She really wanted to have pasta. Her mom really knew her the best.
But now the thing that happened made Meera speechless and blank for a while. The border of the mirror was green again. She could not understand what was happening. She is now sure that this can't be a mistake of her eyes anymore. The mirror is not an ordinary one. It changes colour. But what reason can be that. She can't even ask her mom as she would cross question her and find out the truth. She took it and ran inside her room and locked the door. She was asking a hundred questions to herself to which she did not know the answer and now she had to answer her mom if she asked. Her mom would definitely ask about the change of colour and she did not know what to say. She murmured to herself,"I will tell mom the truth that I have found it beside the park."
"No, no I can't. She won't allow such things in the house and I will lose this mirror. I will say it has got chemicals inside the border which changes randomly."
"But will she believe me? What if she asks Yashoda about this? "
"I will definitely tell Yashoda about this lie and she would never dissapoint me. I think she will support me. She is my best friend. I would have helped her if she was in my position." The colour kept on changing at the end of her each thought.

Her mom started calling out her name. The pasta was ready. " See this girl. Till now she was shouting she was hungry and now see no sign of her. Meera..Meera... where are you? Come the food will get cold. Afterwards don't say that its cold and you won't have it."

She came out of her room took the plate went inside the room and locked that again. Meera started thinking what to do with this mirror and how to make up a story. She was also curious to know the exact reason of colour change. Her mom asked from outside the room," Are you having your food?" In a hurry she said, "Yes mom. Its good. Almost finished."

The colour again changed from green to red. She realised something. Her eyebrows got higher. She could not believe what she had realised. But if that is true then it would definitely change her life. With every true statement the colour of the border turns green and with every false or lie it turns red. It was like the litmus test. She told few truths and some wierd lies in a random manner to test the colour change. Every time her logic turned positive and correct. She also decided that this secret can never be disclosed to anyone. Not even Yashoda. She will only tell Yashoda to nod her head if her mom asks her about the gift.

She was the happiest girl today on earth. She danced with joy and din't know how to express her happiness. She took it and went to her mom. She asked her mom," Mom do you love me?"
She was busy working and without even turning she said," Why are you asking me this? Don't you have homework. Now go all this won't help you delaying your study."
"No mom, I would just go and do my home work. But just say that you love me."
"Yes beta, I love you a lot."
The mirror turned green. Her mom too turned to see her daughter. She found the mirror in her hand and a big smile in her face. "I remember that it was red last time. Did she gift you two mirrors?"
Meera had understood the logic of its working and knew that a "yes" will change the colour and she would be proved lier. So she cleverly replied." No mom , it changes colour normally. It has got a chemical inside and colour keeps on changing." The colour turned red with the lie and she said," See , I told you."

" I don't understand why this gifts are necessary. It must be expensive. Now don't waste time here and go to study."Meera merrily ran to her room. She really got the biggest gift today. May be not from Yashoda but from God.

                                                                                                 to be continued................

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