Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Life can never be predicted( I am not talking about the astrologers, and I don't wanna get into that debate also). Life has many shades. It has many colours. You can't really decide which will suit you the best and if you can then you really can't bet on saving it for yourself. It may happen for your good or it may be bad. But change is the RULE OF LIFE.

The things and the events you plan from now are like the LIC POLICIES - subject to change and therefore think before investing. Sometimes even the unplanned incidents occur and struck you with unbelievable delight or distress. The steering of life is very sensitive and can change directions at any moment. But all I can say is that there is no point in holding it tight because few things are always unpredictable and when it occurs why it occurs one has no answers for it. You only have to enjoy and learn lessons from it.

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