Saturday, September 29, 2012

Buy byee

This is indeed a mad mad bad bad world. In this era of consumerism people tend to call you sir and madame and make you buy the most unwanted thing in your house. May be when you went inside a shop just to do some window shopping or may be a good evening timepass , you don't even know that you actually put your leg in the trap and that very evening will cost you some good bucks for maybe a thing which you have never thought to buy. Actually you don't even need to go to shops for that. People will come into your home in the oddest hours or call you up in the busiest schedule and they are damn good in convincing. Really damn good!!

Atleast if you don't buy that ( that means you got a good save ) because of your partner who gave you the look ( you know its a warning) or maybe you were in a doubt whether to hand over your debit card to the new era dacoits to swipe away your money but atleast you have to consider that they were damn good in giving you a presentation which made you fall in a fix about what to do.... May be for few moments you had a tough time to decide..

When you come home or after you discuss a bit about the actual necessity of that product you realise that you can easily do without it and it was a good decision that you did not buy. But if your troubleshooting powers were not that strong that eve then you come home and try to convince yourself that you really needed this one.. Now this presentation to your own mind is more convincing as you know how to convince yourself than the unknown stranger that evening.

This piece of thought came into my mind as this afternoon I was left thinking by a salesman who had brought four big editions of enclycopedia and dictionaries and was giving at a very low price. But in this fast world of mobile technology you hardly have time to open a book and find a meaning and its not that worth (thanks to google)... After I told them that I don't need this things now and they went away I thought  that for a few moment I got weak atleast ( may be I am too influencive ).  But I am glad that I did not buy those ( ya , I am lil canjoos) but at least I try to invest in the right things though it is never possible and I had bought many things which I don't need and afterwards had that self convincing feeling ( which I admit here )..

So be alert and think before investing.

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