Saturday, June 4, 2016

Because its my Birthday Month : CHAPTER 2

My Childhood Real life Hero : That would be my father. He was the one I would search for when I was in trouble. Be it the primary school days when I would cry and wait for the session to be over or be it being a  savior from my angry mom. My all wishes were fulfilled by him and I would be his prince riding in the front space of his scooter feeling the safest person on Earth. He would take me all places , give me most of whatever I want. I was pampered by him so much and I could not even think a day without him.

Till I went to the college , he was the one taking me to all the tuition and all other places in his scooter. Some of my batch-mates would make fun of me for being still dependent on him and some would envy me. I knew that I could go without him but I cherished his presence and super protective treatment. I was somewhat dependent on him and I liked that feeling. 

All his life he had sacrificed a lot and given a lot to the family. Now he is 60 up and would retire this month. With time a lot of things have changed. He is not as strong as before. He asks me before taking decisions , relies on me and most of the times I carry out some simple tasks for him. Now that he depends on me a lot , I feel sometimes he is my child. I scold him on few occasions which he obeys like a small child . He would express happiness when I gift him something in the same way I used to in my childhood when he brought something for me. 

I miss that strong shoulder on which I would rest my head and leave every problem for him to sort out. I miss his strong decisions sometimes. But when I see him proud of me and I see that broad proud smile in his face when he introduces me to someone I feel may be I am not that efficient as he thinks but still for him maybe I am his hero now. Everyone needs a hero. He was and is my hero. Maybe I am his hero too.

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