Monday, July 3, 2017


I really have mixed feelings when I hear the word good bye . It has an optimistic side that we might meet again in some way or the other . Maybe it will be planned or maybe just like that at some place at some phase of life . Normally it brings a smile while parting apart relishing the memories of the time spent together hoping to relive that back soon.
Sometimes an inert hole gulps the mind not knowing about the possibilities.
If you ask me I have a certain negative lookout when I hear the word good bye. I hold on to the bitter part of it. Parting apart from the ones who brought happiness always makes me uncomfortable. The fear of losing or last chance to say the things that you could never say.
Sometimes we plan so much. We memorize every thing we want to say , we plan things we want to do. But can we carry them out always as we planned ? There are so many uncertainties in life and I hate that the most. The haphazard thoughts come into mind about the uncertainties and the possibility of the situation that we might not meet again.
GOOD BYE is not for me. It throws me into an utter darkness. That is the reason ,  I , quite unconsciously never use that word. The ones I love ,  I love them for my life.

I know sometimes holding on can bring you pain and that's the reason that GOOD BYES are quite necessary.

Just never forget to tell the person that how much you care and love that person. Tell that we will meet again for sure.  

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NOTE : Its a final tribute to 3 word wednesday. Will miss you a lot . Just have the hope for your comeback. As I said good byes are never easy for me.


  1. Well said. Not going to say goodbye. Hope we all keep reading each other's work in the future.

  2. well put come join me in the writer's collective Tantalizing Tuesday Tete-Tete's

  3. Yes it's difficult to say goodbye, but lets hope for a comeback of 3WWW.


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