Wednesday, July 11, 2018


What do you call that feeling when you are about to leave your house for an important work and it starts raining heavily. Say it . Irritating right ? All again you undress into homely wear and keep the assorted things you planned to take with you in their right places and all you can do is wait... Wait till it's dry again.

Same happens with me... With a feeling that I have been born with a cursed luck , I curse myself for planning for the job wrongly when literally it's just the nature to be blamed. I look through the windows to estimate the intensity of the rain and possibility of my going out and then finally lying back in despair. The work has to be postponed and it's a tough job to reschedule as other things get affected to.. and what if it rains again the next day..

It feels me with irritation and I start wishing that why it never rains when I had nothing to do.. It rains only when I have some work.

But then I feel how often do I watch the rains even when I was in home. So today I thought there was nothing better to do right at this moment. The streets filled with water , the trees looked greener, the sky changed it's vibrance. The small kids returning from their schools had no irritation like me.. They stamped on the water playfully , fully drenched and without caring about their wet bags and books busy kick spraying water on their fellowmates. They should be pissed off after so long hours of school but shockingly they were not. Then why is it me nagging without even being wet by a single drop. Why didn't I feel the same like those kids. What has changed me ?

I asked these questions to myself and seeked for answers. I see many people enjoying rain special dishes and pakoras.. I see them making plans even in this weather. I see people getting romantic , I see people getting nostalgic.

I have gone through all of this in the past , still today why did I feel irritated ? I asked myself and seeked an answer. What has changed me ?

It was raining cats and dogs... I opened the windows to hear that amazing sound of rains thrashing the streets. I said to myself those amazing three words.. LET IT RAIN..

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