Thursday, June 2, 2016

Because its my Birthday Month : CHAPTER 1

My biggest fear in my childhood :  Well that would be Lizard. I still get afraid when I see that mini crocodile and I am miles away.

I was afraid of my mom too. She would beat me black and blue even before I realized I did something wrong. 

Its difficult to tell what I dreaded most --- My mom or the lizard. Although now I scold my mom often and love has superimposed the fear completely.

I used to fear the stage also. I liked to act and wished to perform but I had a stage fear. So I avoided participating in any of the shows because I lacked confidence. I did not have faith on my memory and thought I would forget lines of whatever I do.

I had to face that fear once when it was made compulsory to deliver The Pledge in the assembly hall of my school after the morning prayers. It would be on rotational basis and each student a day would be given that responsibility. 

It was an embarrassing day for me when my chance came and I had screwed the whole thing up by forgetting almost every line of the pledge and the teachers from the backstage kept on quoting till the end. I was almost mentally tortured few weeks by some of the teachers and most of the students. I became popular actually by the name " The boy that forgot on stage ...". 

But then it did not affect me much. I had faced what I had to. I practiced in front of mirror and started participating in class room singing sessions and even small debates and quizzes. Later on in my college life I had been in to drama and also solo stage shows. 

I knew that at the most the bad that happens to you is embarrassment but nobody cared to remember the people who did it right. So nothing you are going to lose.

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  1. What a chilling tail of childhood memories. I'm blessed with loving parents, I must say. Thank you for the kind praise of the humble art represented on my blog post here: that showcased a rare attempt at pastel drawing. I wish you all the best. Happy writing!


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