Thursday, January 31, 2013

Promises and Commitments

Sometimes we make promises and fail to keep them. Its not that we dont try or do it purposely. Its just that the situations change , the circumstances change , the scenario differs.
May be when we promise someone something we ignore many factors or overlook them but when the real situation demands an action all the other factors clog our mind and our senses
starts thinking practically. Just an emotional sentiment won't be considered anymore. We fail to realise that we promised and the value of that commitment becomes much smaller
compared to the other factors signifying the present scenario. Some people commit when there is no necessity of that commitment or no one asked them to make a promise but when
they did they did it from the heart and the other person on the receiving end starts to believe and becomes a little dependent. Heartbreaks occur because of the difference in emotional
commitment and the change in thinking due to sudden practicality. Not only heartbreak but this leads to a terrible shock where the person loses the faith of trusting anyone else. Maybe
someone else would have deserved the trust but would not get that just because someone in the past broke the promise. I completely understand that heartbreaks , breakups happen for a reason
and that can't be avoided or stopped. Its better for two person to split than to compromise for all their life. I completely understand that circumstances changes the meaning of relationships a lot.
I completely understand that certain factors can't be ignored and we have to take decisions based on all the factors. I completely agree that priorities are different for different people.
I completely respect each and everybody's reaction or action , because every thinking has an origin and every thought has a count. A person knows the most whats the best for him and what is
his priority.
I just have a short and simple objection regarding commitments. I just think that when a person commits he should place himself in that zone and promise if he has to. And then follow it
word to word what he said. If he has priorities then that should be followed right from day 1 and his thoughts that change with time and situation should not impose pain on someone else's heart.
And most of all to keep it short one should commit to himself and not someone else if he has to.

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