Thursday, October 25, 2012

Durga puja 2012

The 5 days of eternal festivity got to its end finally.... It was great to have such an enjoyment after 2 long years. In the year 2010 I had some personal issues that kept me upset with the addition of conjuctivities that prevented me from stepping outside my house for 2 long days. In the year 2011 , I was in ship so hardly I could sense anything ( the only thing was that over the phone I realised that people here were missing my presence.. However this time I had the full chance to make up for what I had missed these years.. I would like to make a short list of the happenings of the days and mind it my puja started from the chaturthi ( 4th day from mahalaya ) and not sashthi (6th day) which was an usual process till now. So these two extra days got added in the way of celebration..
Right from chaturthi to dasami the mixture of long bike rides to highways , dining at costly restaurants , visiting pandals , viewing band performances , hanging out with friends and having all night parties with an average of 4 hours rest all day , long addas in Maddox and Deshopriyo park ( all of us gathered there for adda ) and to sum it up participating in bhashan dance although the dhanuchi dance was missing ( para pujo was so boring this time )..
It was a marvellous one and everything after a dark patch seems bright. So thank u friends , sis bhai , and all the special ppl who made it very special for me.....


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  1. hey abhishek,
    its great to read about your puja experience. I wish i could :(
    but glad to kno of yours. place some pictures also


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