Friday, June 27, 2014

Nature's gift

There is a saying that motherhood is the best feeling in the world. But I think being a witness to motherhood has also the almost same essence. For the first time I was a witness to the motherhood of a pigeon who has build its nest just by the box window of my bedroom. The part of the window is protected by the compressor of the air conditioner and also shaded at the top. It was a perfect place for the shelters for the pigeons . The sliding window in my apartment was a treat to watch. The pigeons would play and roam around the outside of the box window and the grills. The glass being a black glass they would be unaware of my presence unless some sound is made or they feel some vibration. The first thing that would give a great start to the morning would be the removal of the curtains and seeing them having a good time by the window side.
One fine day my wife informed me that the pigeons are preparing to build up a nest by the window. I came by the window side to see that the pigeons were bringing small pieces of sticks and hay from somewhere and placing them in the shaded and protected portion of the window side in a circular manner. Slowly and steadily I found that a nest has been formed.
 We were away from our home for 2 days. By the time we came back I was astonished to see that there were 2 eggs in the nest now. The pigeon has laid her eggs already. During the build up of nest it did not strike my mind though. We were too much happy. Day and night we would witness the pigeon sitting on the eggs to keep it warm. She would protect the eggs with all her energy. Winds , rain or scorching heat nothing would deter her and she would constantly maintain the warmth of her care on the eggs. Only two to three times a day she would go for her food and within seconds to her leave or even before she leaves another pigeon would come and protect the eggs as long as the mother is away.
This continued for one month almost until the small babies came out of the eggs and they came out on my birthday … 15th june. It was an auspicious moment of joy. Their eyes had not formed and beaks was joined.The mother pigeon would force the food into their mouth somehow.  In the morning some of my friends and sister and cousin brother had come for my birthday celebration that was being planned in the evening. They were also the witness of the newly born babies.
I had been videoing since the last month and now finally I captured the moment in my camera. It was a great gift from the nature. My wife was happy too. Only that she complained that the window side was getting dirty day by day and the flies had also started to come. Eventually it may affect the compressor of my air conditioner. It had been several days that I could hardly open the sliding window. Previously it was because we did not want the pigeon to get scared and now because of flies and rotten smell  .
In spite of all difficulties I would say it was a great gift to witness such a creation of nature. The babies are growing fast and within 6 days I could see that they can stand move their small wings, They can see and even open their beak. I hope too soon they would be able to fly and I can clear up the mess outside my window.

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