Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sorry State !!

I had a very tiring day today. I went to Khidderpore hastings for booking my promotional exams related my job. The whole process of booking is quite lengthy although improved from the past. However , its far from where I live and on my way back home I was really tired. I board a bus that directly comes to my home stoppage.
It was not crowded and I have got a seat unlike when I went in the morning in the office hours. Hardly one gets to stand and it’s a terrible feeling with no other convenient and inexpensive options. On midway my attention was drawn by the the conversation of a poor lady with a new born baby in her hand and another girl child of about 6 yrs. The girl child had a school bag with her and the mother had a bigshopper bag full of her clothes and other belongings. She was alone without any other male member or other member of the family. Through her conversations I came to the conclusion that nobody in her family was bothered how she will manage with her bags and child and had left her alone to travel. Other ladies present were cursing her family members. The baby was crying out of hunger after few moments and she was all helpless as she was seating facing to the other passengers and could not breastfeed the baby. The conductor mockingly told her to feed the baby. I felt so disgraceful . Another lady offered her a window seat. After exchanging seats she fed the baby somehow. I wanted to help her with the luggage while boarding down the bus. However she got help from a couple as they got down at the same stoppage . They had helped her with the luggage.
It only strikes to me that so many people are living life like this. I don’t know what to comment , how to help or what to say. I only realised that my tiring feeling disappeared somewhere.


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