Sunday, June 8, 2008

Life at a click

Well recently there is a big fuss about the networking sites like orkut and all.People cant accept the fast growth of the new trend to make friendships with unknown strangers which the parents are often heard to warn their wards about ... but orkut had made this look much more atrractive and newcoming..The latest cool fashion is having an acoount and making more and more friends getting cool ratings by them , accepting testimonials and increasing virtual fans......make the new generation look much more popular...

These networking sites are in the news more because of the recent murder that took place. But the point I want to say is that murders used to take place much before the networking sites were in hype and even terrorism took place a lot..The main hype is about accepting a new trend..There is always a controversy in doing that.

I want to give a short example which I heard somewhere.......

Millions of years back in China rule was imposed that they have to keep their hair long like the females..ppl cudn't accept that and there was rebellion and millions died in that..and several years after that again a rule was imposed that the men would have to keep their hair short in order to be distuinguished easily from females..again rebellion took place and millions died in that....

So the point is that nobody can accept sudden changes and new be cool and easy guys..


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