Sunday, July 8, 2007

How to love ??

A girl remains unmarried until and unless she feels that she is unmarried. The marriage taken place in front of everyone is just a social marriage. When your heart beats only for a single person you know you are in love and when this love from bothsides equally grow so strong that you can believe your partner more than yourself then you be sure that you both are married , although may be not socially.Many people live a single's life even after being married as they are unable to adjust with the other half.As many say-------------- LOVE IS FRIENDSHIP , I believe marriage is all about love. Without love there can't be a stable marriage.

Let me talk about Rik, an ordinary lover withusual desires. He wanted to marry a girl who would love him , not his money or position or what he is . Rik wanted someone under whose company he would find himself too much secured.The best way to love or show your love for your beloved is learn to believe.The more you believe your partner the more love you get from the other side. When you start believing your partner u get it back with the interest of love.

Learn to respect your partner .

If you show respect you will get the same back.But that doesn't mean wishing in the same way you do when you meet your class teacher. This respect is the care for her values and her rights.

Learn to sacrifice for your love.

Obviously these things can only come from your inside when you get similar feedback from the other side .I know that you should not expect anything from anybody but Everythins fair in.....Its actually a gr8 feeling to fall in love my friend. Its like having someone so close to you,someone to care for you , someone to wish you good morning however bad the morning be, someone to feel sad at your unhappiness , and someone to cheer you up in need.Its actually a gr8 feelin to fall in love my friend.

You may be sad
You may be glad
But you know
For you there is someone
Who is totally mad........................................

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